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AWG: Atmospheric Water Generation: Technologies and Influential Factors

Water has a vital role in any biological activity and existence of life on earth. The population growth, the improvement in life conditions, and changes in nutrition habits have created more demand for water for residential, agricultural, industrial applications. Capturing and utilizing atmospheric water is considered as a potential solution to the growing water demand problem. In this study, major methods for capturing the atmospheric humidity and converting them into the potable water, including the technologies that are based on the ideal gas law, desiccation, and separation membranes, are identified and explained. It also addresses the influential factors in each method to be utilized in a passive noise or an active parameter.


Natural Light for Indoor Applications

A potential solution to reduce the consumption of nonrenewable energy by substituting electric light then integrating daylighting into buildings. Daylighting can provide more than just potential cost savings, research has found it to be beneficial for human health. Daylighting systems can procure the reduction of artificial light consumption globally by 50%-80%. 

Videos on Design of experiments, AWG, and Smart Energy

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AWG-WHS (MP4, 12 MB)
Summer2020-Part1 (MP4, 65 MB)
Summer2020-PartII (MP4, 98 MB)
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