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About Us


To overcome historic barriers related to low retention and graduation rates of Hispanic students in Agriculture and STEM fields, EverGreen's goal is to increase the number of Hispanic students with advanced technical degrees at the food-water-energy intersection. To meet this goal, we will train a diverse future workforce with the leadership and cross-disciplinary skills in science, technology and innovation to solve today's complex agricultural problems - specifically those due to a changing climate, widespread food insecurity, and the lack of available water. 

Hispanic students will be recruited from Palo Alto College and San Antonio College to seamlessly transition into and complete degrees at Texas State University. Forty-four Hispanic students will receive personalized support through mentorships, tutoring, and professional development, as well as financial assistance through scholarships and paid internships. Through the collective attainment of 16 associate, 16 bachelor, and 12 master of science degrees, students will be prepared to enter positions in well-paid, technical jobs in agricultural-related fields. Other EverGreen products will include the development of new laboratory facilities and curricula that will empower students to understand and build soil-free, water saving, renewable energy, and smart technology-based food systems that will be analyzed using financial modeling techniques. Hundreds of other students will benefit indirectly through a new multi-disciplinary research and teaching lab, new course modules, development of an Agriculture-STEM education pipeline, and the widespread dissemination of educational, research and experimentally-based outcomes and best practices relevant to training the diverse workforce needed to meet the food-water-energy challenges of the future.